Halloween Crochet Pet Costumes - Crochet Animal Clothes

Crochet Halloween Pet Costume

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Did you know? More and more people, especially millennials, are buying costumes for their pets. Twenty percent did so in 2018, up from 16 percent in 2017.

Who doesn’t love a funny dog or cat in a Halloween costume? 

That is why I decided to make a blog post about it. I have found some adorable crochet Halloween patterns for cats and dogs. They are so cute; I just want to make them all. If you don’t have pets, you will enjoy this post anyway because those furry friends in the photos are so amusing.

Make everyone in the neighborhood smile with the Halloween Crochet patterns below.Crochet Cat Halloween Costume - Cat Cowboy Hat Pattern

The first patterns I want to show you are from Etsy Shop PawsomeCrochet. The founder of the shop is Rebecca Davis from Izmir, Turkey. She is an American expat living abroad in the beautiful city of Izmir, located on Turkey’s Aegean coast. She enjoys traveling and experiencing the local culture together with her husband, children, and lovable golden retriever. You will see her cute dog below.

The first cute Halloween Pattern for a dog is The bow. The dog can wear it either as a headband or as a bowtie, making it an excellent gift for the pet lover in your life. And better yet, the bow works up quickly and requires little yarn, making it a perfect stash buster project! So grab your hook and make one (or ten!) today!

Click here or on the photo below to get it.

Dog Bow Crochet Pattern - Dog Halloween Costume

In Rebecca’s shop, you can find so many unique patterns. I wish I could show them all. You can see a Crochet Pattern for a Witch Hat, Frankenstein Hat, Leprechaun Hat, and an Elf Hat for Dogs in the photo below. Click on the link to her shop to find more.Halloween Crochet Dog Costumes

If you have a smaller dog, I have found Crochet Patterns for them in poshpoochdesigns Etsy Shop. The founder is Sara Sach from Parker, Colorado, United States. She designs and sells Crochet Patterns for Dog Sweaters and hats.

She also sells finished items. If you see a pattern, she can make a custom item of that pattern for your pooch, cat, or pet.

She has 2 Chihuahuas, who are her models. Maximo and Rosie love to model for cookies. She began crocheting sweaters to keep them warm, which ignited her creative fire, and it just took off from there.

Just look at this proud little Super Dog Chihuahua; he really is a great model for this Superman costume. Crochet Superman Costume - Crochet Dog Sweater and a cape

In Sara’s shop, you can find 224 crochet patterns for dogs. I can show you just a few of them in the photo below, check out her other amazing patterns in her shop here or click the photo below.Halloween Crochet Pet Costume - Small Dog Clothes

You can also find cute Dog Halloween Hats in the FiberVibes Etsy shop. The founder is Catherine Ross from Portland, Oregon, United States.

This pattern includes 9 Animal Accessories – Fox, Racoon, Bear, Unicorn, Bunny, Deer, Dinosaur, Shark, and Frog.

To get it click here or the photo below.Crochet Dog Hats - Halloween Dog Patterns

Do you like the Halloween Dog Costumes I showed you by now? Next, I want to show you Crochet Cat Halloween Patterns.

The first Cat Costume patterns I want to show you are again from Etsy Shop PawsomeCrochet. There you can find 86 adorable patterns. You can see a few of them in the photo below.Halloween Crochet Cat Patterns - Cat Costume Patterns

I have found the next set of amazing Halloween Cat Costume patterns in the ClothesForCat Etsy Shop. The founder is Irina Khoroshaeva from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. In her shop, there are 20 cute Crochet Patterns for cats.

In the photo below, you can see her beautiful model, her cat Chelsea, a graceful sphynx. To get these great Halloween Costumes click here or the photo below.Haloween Crochet Pet Costumes - Crochet Cat Hat

I have found another set of funny and adorable Cat Costume Patterns in the OonaPatterns Etsy shop. The founder is Patricia. It is a new shop with 10 knitted and crochet patterns for cats. You can already see it will be a successful shop because it has more than 100 sales already. No wonder if they are so adorable.

Check them out in the photo below or click here.Halloween Crochet Pet Costumes - Crochet Cat Patterns

Don’t you love all the patterns? All these cute animals just make me smile. I am sure they will bring a big smile to your friends and family faces, and we all need it this year.

I hope you enjoyed my post; you can pin it for later here.Halloween Crochet Pet Costumes - Animal Clothes Patterns

Do you have a pet, and will you dress it in costume? Please share it with me in the comments below.

Have a beautiful day, and enjoy crocheting.


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