Etsy Bestseller Intervew - LittleBambooHandmade

Etsy bestseller interview – LittleBambooHandmade

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It is time for another Etsy bestseller interview. Today I will introduce to you TS Min from Malacca, Malaysia. She is the founder of the LittleBambooHandmade Etsy shop.

She has been designing for five years now and has developed 244 fantastic crochet patterns – everything from Christmas stockings to amigurumi and crochet applique. This is really impressive! And the patterns are all so cute!

TS Min lives in Malacca, a historical city in the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia. She says Malacca is one of the most interesting place rich with heritage buildings, ancient landmarks, and colonial structures.

They have a pet at home, a brown poodle named Cherry. She is always there to keep her company when TS Min works on her designs late at night when others are asleep.    LittleBambooHandmade Applique Crochet Patterns
I wish I could share a lot more photos of LittleBambooHandmade patterns. Yet there is only so much I can fit in this article. So to see more of those adorable designs, check out her store. But before you do that, read the interview below to get to know TS Min better.

To get you even more excited, TS Min created a special discount code just for my readers. With the code: LITTLEBAMBOO, you get 20 % offNew Year Dragon Crochet Pattern by LittleBambooHandmade

Now without any further ado, here is the interview:

1. How did it all begin? Tell us your story.

I learned to crochet from my art teacher when I was 11 years old. My very first project was a shawl and I still remember how much fun I had working on it. Then, throughout my secondary school years, crocheting has became my hobby. After graduated from university, I started working as R&D executive and then got married and blessed with 3 daughters. I had less time to crochet over the years until I totally stop for almost 20 years.

I quit my job and became a full time mom when my daughters started schooling. Crocheting did not came back into my life instantly until in 2014, my daughter drew my attention to some amazingly cute amigurumis. Since then, I started to crochet dolls with patterns from other very talented designers. I learnt new techniques and stitches along the way. My first attempt to create my own designs only began in 2015. I have now been designing for about 5 years and it has been an amazing journey!Chinese 12 Zodiak Signs by LittleBambooHandmade

2. What inspires you?

Everything I see and hear around me gave me quite some ideas. Especially cute animals and beautiful flowers. I am often inspired by other crocheters too.Crochet Doll Patterns by LittleBambooHandmade

3. How does your every day look like?

I always start my day with a cup of hot tea during breakfast, followed by daily house chores. But as soon as I’m done with daily routines, I immediately grab my crochet hook and start crocheting. Beside crocheting, I also spend time reading emails, answering Etsy messages, posting my work and updates on social media. I tend to lose track of time and find myself working until late at night.Seahorse with a harp Crochet Pattern by LittleBambooHandmade

4. What is your favorite yarn?

I loved most yarn I have worked with. So, I would say that I don’t really have a favorite yarn. The key of my choice of yarn is softness and colour rather than type and brand.Christmas Stocking Crochet Patterns by LittleBambooHandmade

5. Do you have any advice for other sellers?

My advice for other sellers is don’t get discouraged over slow periods. Especially in the beginning of the journey. Keep listing new items and promoting in social media. The sales will come. As a crochet designer, always crochet what makes you happy. Find your own style, stay original and positive.Horoskope Set Crochet Patterns by LittleBambooHandmade

Wow, now that’s an interesting story! TS Min has found her passion again after she stopped crocheting for 20 years! It seems like it was always meant to be.

I am so grateful she took time in her busy schedule to answer my questions.

A reminder for a special discount code just for my readers: LITTLEBAMBOO. Use it and get 20 % off.

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Which pattern will you crochet first? Please share it with me in the comments below.

Have a beautiful day, and enjoy crocheting.


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