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It is time for another Etsy Top Seller interview. I am so excited about these interviews; I love meeting new designers and get to know their stories.

Today I want to introduce Lydia Viatoris from Sarasota, Florida, United States. She is the founder of EarthTricks Etsy shop. I fell in love with her funky color schemes, flowers everywhere, and unique items that make you feel like a star. In Lydia’s shop, you can find crochet patterns, finished pieces, and Green Witch Goods.

You can find so many beautiful crochet patterns in her shop, from coats to hats, tops, skirts, and bags. Everything is so unique and colorful; you just want to make them all. Technicolor Dream Coat  - EarthTricks Crochet Pattern

Lydia is so kind that she created a special coupon code just for my readers. You can get 25% off any pattern in her shop! The Code is: BESTOFCROCHET

I usually ask crochet designers to share some personal information about themselves, so that I can introduce them better. So this is what Lydia wrote: ˝I have two cats, a dog, and a little one on the way. The cats pretend like they don’t like the dog, but when I’m out of the room they hang out together. I’ve definitely come home to find them all asleep on our bed! I met my husband in college, and we’ve been married for eight years, through several job changes, and 5 different houses. He’s an amazing partner, and creative in ways that are totally different from me!˝

Read the interview below, and get to know this high school science teacher better.

1. How did it all begin?

I learned how to crochet in high school, from my math teacher actually. We had finished our exams a few weeks before the official end of the year, and so my math teacher used those last few weeks to teach us how to crochet. For me, this started a long love affair with the art form! fairy queen coat - EarthTricks Crochet Pattern

2. What inspires you?

I do my best thinking in the shower. That’s where all my favorite ideas come to me. I’m just really able to clear my mind and let my creative thoughts flow when I’m under that delicious hot water. My ideas build on each other. I work on one project for a while, and then inspiration strikes and I think of something new I could do that builds on that idea. A lot of my patterns include sets of repeating motifs, or particular textures that I get really fixated on for a while. pack fairy queen coat and dress - EarthTrickd Crochet Pattern

3. What does my every day look like?

I’m actually a high school science teacher by day! I teach mostly juniors and seniors, and my days are spent in the classroom. I absolutely love teaching, and I genuinely believe all children like science. I bring a lot passion and joy to my lessons, because there’s just so many cool things to talk about! Outside of school, I have a lot of creative pursuits. I deeply value work of the hands, and while crochet is my first joy, I also like to spin yarn on my spinning wheel, sew and embroider by hand, and I take great joy in gardening. I keep a freeform journal full of my ideas for new science lessons, notes on my how my garden is doing (its always an experiment!), and I record my different experimentations in crocheting. Drawstring bag crochet pattern by EarthTricks

4. What is your favorite yarn?

This is a tough one! If I had to choose just one, I would have to say Lindy Chain by Knit Picks. I live in the subtropics, so it is warm and humid year round! To be able to wear my own creations, they have to be lightweight and breathable. Lindy Chain is ultra light, and it washes so well! Fairy queen crop top pullover - EarthTricks Crochet Pattern

5. Advice for other sellers?

Its okay to start small! My style, knowledge, and skill have definitely evolved and improved over time. I think a lot of people have the thought that if they’re not immediately successful that they might as well give up. It takes time to develop your own unique niche in the market, and to develop your own style that sets you apart from other shops. Spend creative energy in developing a handful of products that are truly uniquely yours.Sunflower mandala crochet vest - EarthTricks Crochet Pattern

What a unique story! A math teacher taught her how to crochet. That is so interesting! And now, she is a high school science teacher. I am sure kids love her very much because you can feel her love for teaching. I believe all kids love science, too; they just need the right person to show them how interesting it can be. I believe Lydia is that person.

I am so grateful Lydia took her time and answered my questions. I know she and her husband are in the midst of moving houses, so this is extra busy time for her.Elf hood - long pointed hood - EarthTricks Crochet Pattern

Here is a special coupon code just for my readers again for 25% off any pattern in her shop! The Code is: BESTOFCROCHET

Make sure you visit her shop and share with me in the comments which of EarthTricks patterns you like best. If you want to know more about Lydia Viatoris, you can follow her Instagram account here.

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Have a beautiful day, and enjoy crocheting.


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