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Etsy Best Sellers Interview – Loopy Pattern

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Today I want to introduce to you Angelina Taranina from Russia. She is the creator of the Loopy Pattern Etsy shop. I must say that her shop has one of the cutest amigurumi patterns I have ever seen.

You can find 77 fascinating patterns of the most adorable animals. Even the scary creatures like spiders, bats, and crocodiles are super cute when she makes them. If you don’t believe me, look at the photos below, and check out her store.

The Spider and Bat crochet pattern - Loopy Pattern

Angelina is also very kind, she has made an exceptional, 40% discount only for the readers of my blog. That is amazing. The discount is valid for one month, so make sure you take advantage of this great deal. The code is 40ZXCVBNINT (Valid until 24th May 2020).

Angelina lives in Russia in a small town called Magnitogorsk. The Ural River divides the city – the right bank is in Europe and the left in Asia. So she travels back and forth every day.

Angelina is married and has two wonderful daughters. It’s a funny fact – they were born almost on the same date (21st and 22th September), but with a 3-year difference.

Besides crocheting toys, Angelina really likes reading books, watching good movies, go in for sports, and traveling.

You can follow Loopy patterns on her Instagram page to get the latest news: https://instagram.com/loopy_pattern_desigs


Here is the story of Loopy Pattern Design:

1. How did it all begin? Tell us your story.

I crocheted my first toy in 2013. I spent two weeks for the little funny bunny. It was difficult but very fascinating, and I got loved amigurumi. In the beginning, it was just a hobby, but then I wanted to make my own (author’s) toy. The first one was crocheted in 2017. It was the cute koala with moving paws. Then I dreamed of finding my calling, employment, or metier that would bring an interest to people and give me benefits and freedom.

I started on Instagram in the Russian language and wrote my first patterns. That employment gave me almost no income for a long time. My homies didn’t believe that I would earn money by crocheting. But I was persistent and put all my love and originality in every toy, and I continued to develop my mini-business.

Over time my blog grew up and began to give an income, but I wanted more… Then I decided to open the Etsy store for my patterns. One year has passed, and now I can’t do the all deals by myself, so I took my mom as an assistant and my husband as an adviser, he often helps me with creative ideas for the toys. I also admire my clients for their support and love of my creation. Their words inspire me to create new toys. Bunnies and Chicks Crochet Pattern - Loopy Pattern

2. What inspires you?

The most sources of inspiration for me is animals, I like them very much. Before I start creating the new toy character, I am looking at its photos for a long time. It’s very important to me that my toys look like real animals. That’s why I seek for realism and explore animals anatomy. The second source of inspiration is illustrations. I adore it and save it in a huge quantity. Also, I like experiments, a search for new non-standard approaches in crocheting, and using additional techniques, for example, modeling from polymer clay, coloring with acrylics, using wire frame, etc.
Leopard and turtle crochet patterns - Loopy Pattern

3. How does your every day look like?

I get up very early to have time to work while my children are sleeping. Also, I have time for crocheting while they are walking with Grandmas. I don’t have weekend or holidays, I try to sit at work as soon as possible. I can say that my every day goes the same for me – either I deal with my family or crochet.
Sloth crochet pattern - Loopy Pattern

4. What is your favorite yarn?

Now I mostly like the Alize Cotton Gold. Also, I like Yarn art jeans, Gazzal baby cotton, and Drops.
Horse an Unicorn Crochet Pattern - Loopy Pattern

5. Do you have any advice for other sellers?

I advise to all who wants to be a successful seller to develop in next directions:

– increase your skills

– photo

– marketing

In my opinion, these skills helped me develop my store. Also, I would like to wish you don’t give up, believe in luck. Remember, the success only comes for those who are persistent.

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This interview is one of the most inspiring. I love how Angelina insisted in her dream and succeeded. Her story really shows that when you have a vision, courage, and persistence, you can have, do or be anything you want in your life.

I hope this interview inspires you to follow your desire, step out of your comfort zone, and live your dream life.

I am so grateful Angelina took time in her busy schedule to answer my questions.

Here is the discount code for an exceptional 40% off on all of her patterns again.
The discount is valid for one month, so make sure you take advantage of this great deal. The code is 40ZXCVBNINT (Valid until 24th May 2020).

Which one of her patterns will you make first? I think I will make the spider. 🙂

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Have a beautiful day, and enjoy crocheting.


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5 thoughts on “Etsy Best Sellers Interview – Loopy Pattern

  1. Great article,

    I enjoyed the interview and the information on how Angelina started her business and what her thoughts are on skills and needs for creating a great business.

    She definitely has a great line in those animals which look great and perfect to crochet as gifts. She has also developed a great range which was good to see.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. Angelina really is inspiring. I think it is best to learn from people who did it. I am glad you enjoyed my article.

      Have a beautiful day.

  2. Hello and thank you for this article! While I can’t imagine myself crocheting, my mother loves doing it though.

    And I personally saw how she created our furniture and appliance tops (not animals though). But now I begun to understand how you should be passionate in order to do these things.

    I really love and felt very inspired with her story as well, and everything she endured.

  3. You have created an article that will serve as a source of motivation to so many people around the world. sharing your experience helped me to realize something important and that is the fact that no matter how we start a project, if we have a goal, we can do everything possible to achieve the goal.

  4. thank you for taking out time to create such an insightful article like this and sharing it with us. this is a proper interview session that you have created and i can learn from this to become better. there is much detail and clarity. thank you very much for this awesome post.

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