Etsy Seller Interview - LuciaKnit (Micro Amigurumi)

Etsy Seller Interview – LuciaKnit (micro amigurumi)

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OMG, I have found such a fantastic Etsy store! You will not believe your eyes! I can guarantee you will admire each and every pattern from the LuciaKnit Etsy Shop!

I don’t know if there is a category in Guinness World Record for the World Smallest Amigurumi, but I believe that Lucia from Anapa, Russia, would win. If you know if this category exists, and what is the size of the smallest amigurumi, please share it with me in the comments below.

Lucia’s smallest amigurumi is a 1 mm big owl. That is absolutely amazing!

In the LuciaKnit store, you can find the cutest micro amigurumi patterns, Crochet Earrings Patterns, and even Hats and Gloves Patterns. You must check it out. Her shop is so beautiful; I had a tough time deciding which photo to include in this post.Crochet Micro Amigurumi Pattern - LuciaKnit

I know you will fall in love with her patterns, but don’t worry, Lucia is so kind she offered a special discount to my readers. If you use the code: MINIGIFT, you get 25% off on all of her patterns. That is a deal you don’t want to miss!

Read Lucia’s wonderful story below, and get to know what got her on the road of micro amigurumi.Crochet Micro Amigurumi Pattern - LuciaKnit

1. How did it all begin? Tell us your story.

Crocheting and knitting were with me since my childhood. I started knitting first at six years old and when I was 12 I learned how to crochet. I am a self taught crocheter.

When I was a teenager I was crocheting and knitting clothes for me and my friends. All were my designs. For me it was enough just to look at a person I am going to crochet/knit for and I knew exactly how many chains or stitches I should cast on. I created a piece of clothing without remaking it. It was magic. By the way now I lost this possibility. Now I remake and measure everything? perhaps, as a child I trusted myself more ))

Once when I lived in Ukraine I worked with a fashion designer and created couple of sweaters for the fashion week show twice. It was a very interesting experience especially because I had to create something just looking at designers’ drawings. It was magic.Crochet Hat and Mittens Pattern

I studied Applied Linguistics at that time and worked as an interpreter and translator. I remember that after graduating from the University I started knitting teddy bears and crocheting tiny figurines. I was doing it just because it made me happy as any hobby I think. I started taking part in craft fairs and craft shows.

At that time year 2013 I found out about Etsy and only several years after I opened my shop which was inactive for several years more. As I was busy with my translation/interpreting/teaching work.

Then time has come and I paid more attention to my Etsy shop and I continued working with this website as it gave me more free time for creativity.Crochet Micro Earrings Pattern - LuciaKnit

2. What inspires you?

The brainstorm challenging tasks inspire me a lot. There is always something I wish to create. Sometimes people around me help me with the ideas.

I have always loved challenges and kept occupying my mind with different tasks, it could be maths or logical tasks. I noticed that creating patterns, designing projects is the best challenge for me and the best inspiration for my creative soul.

One lady asked me: “Can you make a 4.4 mm bear?” It was to be a memory bear and I felt that the task is very important for the lady and I felt I have no choice but to make it. I did the bear and at that time it was the tiniest crochet item I made.

After that special bear people were asking me to make 4-5 mm koala, polar bear, duck and so on.

Someone has asked whether I can make a bear smaller than 4 mm. And I did 2.5 mm bear. In such a way I found myself making a 1 mm owl. It is the smallest animal I have made for now.

I still wish to make something even smaller.Crochet Micro Amigurumi Pattern - LuciaKnit

3. How does your everyday look like?

My day looks like a scheduled busy day. I try to combine work, spending time with my child and daily routine in one day.

I wake up rather early as my morning work hours are: 8-11 AM (during this time I micro-crochet as the daylight is better for crocheting micro things).

My afternoon work hours are: 15-17 PM (this time I devote for designing and working in my Etsy shop, writing patterns.)

My evening work hours are: 19-20 (this time I devote to something new like crocheting with huge hooks or knitting clothes).

I never work at night. No matter how busy I am it is better to wake up earlier.

I try to sleep 8 hours a day.

In case I have too many orders I devote all my time for micro crocheting.

I work on weekends and holidays but only in the morning from 9 till 11. The rest of the day I have rest.

If I go on vacation I take my work with me.

Crochet Micro Amigurumi Pattern - LuciaKnit

4. Your creations are so tiny; do you use any special equipment to create them?

My favorite crochet hooks: Clover 0.4 mm and Tulip 0,35 mm hook.

I find Gutermann sewing thread is the best for micro crocheting. It gives a possibility to make tiny things and it is very strong.

Sometimes I split a certain type of Gutermann thread and it remains very solid and it is possible to work with it. I find it incredible.

These days I am thinking where to find a smaller hook. If you know anyone who can make a 0.25 mm hook, please, let me know.

When micro crocheting I don’t use magnifying glass, I just don’t feel it helps me. I think fingers do more work than the eyes in this case.Crochet Micro Amigurumi Pattern - LuciaKnit

5. What is your favorite yarn?

My favorite yarn is Fibranatura Dona 100% Merino Superwash. I love this yarn and I use it for crocheting projects such as hats and gloves and sweaters. It is easy to wash and you can even iron it and it never changes its measures.

I prefer working with natural yarn: Malabrigo, mohair and silk, merino wool. I love Drops Design yarn and Lana Grossa also. It is so difficult to choose one brand.Crochet Micro Amigurumi Pattern - LuciaKnit

Isn’t she amazing? I love how Lucia created such a unique brand!

Here is a special discount for my readers again – use the code: MINIGIFT, and get 25% off on all of the LuciaKnit patterns. Take advantage of this great deal now! Click here ==> LuciaKnit

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Which one of her fantastic patterns do you love the most? Share it with me in the comments below.

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Have a beautiful day, and enjoy crocheting.


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